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SonoCiné System Q & A

What is the SonoCiné system?

The SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) is a computer-guided ultrasound system designed to be used in addition to your traditional mammogram. It was designed to provide greater visual detail of breast tissue, especially for women with dense breast tissue or implants where mammograms may have difficulty providing clear, detailed images.

How is the SonoCiné system different from other types of ultrasound?

Traditional ultrasounds use a handheld transducer that relies on the technologist to evaluate specific areas of tissue. While ultrasound technologists are highly trained, traditional ultrasounds on dense tissue and tissue obscured by implants can be especially problematic. The SonoCiné system uses an automated, computer-controlled arm to gently guide the transducer over breast tissue, ensuring every area is scanned for maximum detail and accuracy.

Does the SonoCiné work by itself?

No, the SonoCiné uses a computer-guided arm to perform scans, but the ultrasound technician is still present to ensure the arm is properly placed and to guide you through the exam.

Does the SonoCiné AWBUS use radiation like a mammogram?

No, the SonoCiné only uses ultrasound, so there's no need to worry about radiation exposure. Plus, because it doesn't compress the breast tissue between plates like a mammogram does, it's painless.

What is the SonoCiné procedure like?

Dr. Kelly developed the SonoCiné approach to be painless and stress-free. If you've ever had an ultrasound, you have a good idea of what to expect during a SonoCiné breast cancer screening: A special camisole is worn and the transducer is connected to an automated arm that gently moves across the surface of the breast. The device emits painless sound waves that “bounce off” breast tissue to create images that are recorded and compressed into a “movie” of the breast tissue that is watched by a radiologist, not a technologist. The procedure takes about a half hour or less.

Is the SonoCiné approved by the FDA for breast exams?

Yes, the system received FDA approval in 2008.

Can the SonoCiné AWBUS be used in place of a mammogram?

No, Dr. Kelly designed the system to be used in conjunction with traditional mammograms, providing additional detail for breast tissue that is difficult to evaluate with mammogram alone.

What happens after the evaluation is completed?

Your results can be shared electronically with your care provider and you’ll have an ongoing record of your breast health. If further steps are needed, our radiologists can recommend the best course of action.